Best Compact Travel Leather Slippers in the World

Made with 100% Genuine Leather

We Believe In Quality & Simplicity

Made in Canada

After 13 years (1990 - 2003) of wear and tear my first pair of slippers are still in great shape and have many more years of use left to them!

In 2003, I decided to bring my new leather slippers to the market. I bought a sewing machine and started testing several different leather hide. Five years later (2008) the perfect pair of slippers was achieved with a better leather, superior look, quality and design.


Finally, after another year of testing, I entered the marketing phase and CORMIA DESIGN was created in 2009 .We are proud to provide you with the most practical, compact leather slipper ever made in the world.

I offer my signature on each pair as an assured sign of quality, endurance and durability.

Mario Cormier

Owner & Creator of



In 1990 I've designed and made my first pair of "travel leather slippers”.  My design had to be simple, compact, practical and original. Here's some pictures of the original pair after 13 years of wearing.